【What is your peace?】 あなたにとって平和とは?

Usually, you seldom have the experience thinking about what is the peace.

So this time, let’s create paper crane by origami?
In behalf for thinking what is the peace.

そして以下の画像のようにあなたにとっての“What is your peace?”を書いてみましょう。(参加方法はページ下をご覧ください)
As following image, why don’t you write about “What is your peace?” The Japanese in the image says “Keep health of both mind and body”. See below part of this page to know how to join this event.

What is your peace?の例

過去のWhat is your peace?
Previous “What is your peace?”

How to join this event

①鶴をおる(create paper crane by origami)

②写真をとる(take the photo)

③画像のどこかにWhat’s your peace ?(わつゆぴ)を書く(write your “What is your peace?” into the photo)

④ハッシュタグ#tweetmypeace をつけて画像を投稿する!(publish the image with a hashtag “#tweetmypeace”)

鶴は折らなくても,以下の画像を自由に使って頂いて構いません!(You don’t have to create paper crane. Download and use following images freely, instead of creating them.)